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The Secretary of College Policy is largely responsible for knowing the College’s Student Handbook and Honor Code intimately and finding areas where improvements can be made to better students’ experiences.  During the year I will work with administrators on William and Mary’s policy to clarify and improve its ideas.  Last year the major push of the department was changing the arrest disclosure policy to include only dangerous crimes committed by students.  This year I will look at clarifying some of the language throughout the policy, becoming knowledgeable about the newest update of the Honor Code, and working to give students facing violations appropriate mentors or advisers during their investigative meetings.  I highly encourage all students to look at the student handbook online and become familiar with its sections themselves at some point during their careers here, and to let me know if something catches your eye you believe needs to be talked about.


  • Trevor Parkes
    Trevor ParkesSecretary of College PolicyI'm a junior from New Joisey keeping busy at school with Greek life, student government, and AMP among other things. This year I really look forward to working with students to find out what their needs are relating to policy and working with administrators to make sure these needs are met.
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