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The Department of Diversity Initiatives seeks to foster dialogue and discussion around the various aspects of peoples’ lives. Organized around various aspects of campus diversity, the Secretary and Undersecretaries coordinate with campus organizations and offices to provide diversity-based programming for the broader campus community.  In addition to this, the Department works hard to empower individuals to reach their fullest potential and to expand the definition of diversity through their own personal or group initiatives.  Finally, the Department of Diversity Initiatives comes up with its own independent initiatives and collaborates with the broader campus community to make these initiatives meaningful.

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  • Dylan Frendt
    Dylan FrendtSecretary of Diversity InitiativesI believe that our differences make us stronger and create a world filled with the opportunity to get to know, understand, and appreciate the people we share our world with. As Secretary of Diversity Initiatives, I plan on working with my talented and experienced team to create a year long effort where our campus fosters constructive conversation and ushers understanding in the realms of race, religion, sexual orientation, identity, gender, economic background, nationality, and so, so much more. A first generation college student from a small Pennsylvania town, I am currently a senior Government major, Business minor who proudly serves on Honor Council and works as a Resident Assistant.
  • Gayatri Sardana
    Gayatri SardanaUndersecretary of Diversity OutreachHi! My name is Gayatri Sardana and I am a sophomore majoring in Biology and Psychology. Outside of academics, I am an avid member of the South Asian Student Association (SASA) and actively involved in volunteer work in hospitals around the Williamsburg area. I am so excited to be serving in the Department of Diversity Initiatives and hope increase unity in the diversity we have at William and Mary through my position this year.
  • Teymour Moinzadeh
    Teymour MoinzadehUndersecretary of Multicultural AffairsI had the fortunate opportunity to be involved in a plethora of activities on campus in my short time at the College. But my proudest accomplishment to the College’s multiculturalism was my participation in founding the College’s Middle Eastern Students Association. Through my work with Center for Student Diversity, International Relations Club, and the wide array of cultural organizations the College holds, my desire to understand, learn, and expand the College’s appreciation of diversity, and multiculturalism, grew ten-fold. Through my role, I am to bring enhance and magnify the College’s diversity through its student body. By giving students the opportunity to share their culture, language, background, outside of the classroom, I aim to create an environment where we learn just as much from each other, as we do from our professors, of the world around us.
  • Hannah Kohn
    Hannah KohnUndersecretary of Religious AffairsI'm a junior, born and raised in Northern Virginia, majoring in Peace & Conflict Studies and minoring in Public Health. At The College, I coordinate the Dialogue on Diversity Peer Education Program, and am a member of the Student Organization for Medical Outreach and Sustainability, AMP's Contemporary and Cultural Issues Committee, and the W&M Amnesty International chapter. I'm always up for talking social change, and believe in the power of stories and sharing.
  • Melody (Qingmei) Li
    Melody (Qingmei) LiUndersecretary of International AffairsI'm an international student from Beijing, China. I'm double majoring art history and business. Yoga is one of my favorite things in the world.
  • Keaun Barrett
    Keaun BarrettUndersecretary of Socioeconomic AffairsHello, My name is Keaun Barrett. I am a sophomore and I am from Portsmouth, VA. This year I look forward to making the needs of our peers more transparent and giving them the aid and support that they need when faced with circumstances beyond their control. I have experienced economic hardship throughout my entire life and managing college expenses can be an added hassle; but I plan to do everything within my power to assist those that need it the most and truly contribute to satisfying the needs of our socioeconomically diverse peers whom more than often go unnoticed.
  • Morris (Hsin-Mu) Chen
    Morris (Hsin-Mu) ChenUndersecretary of LGBTQIA* AffairsI am an international student from Taiwan, a senior at W&M, and a male-bodied queer. I’ve worked on queer issues in the US and in Taiwan, with people that range from students, community members to professional activists and organizers. I’m pretty well travelled and I appreciate diversity, communities, good music, dancing, food, and sleep.
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