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If the Student Assembly were one big twinky, the Undergraduate Council would be the sweet cream filling.

The Undergraduate Council (UGC) is one of the three main governing bodies of the Student Assembly. It is comprised of the class officers from the undergraduate classes. Every year, each class directly elects its President, Vice-President of Advocacy, Vice-President of Social Affairs, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Undergraduate Council is a space where the class leadership can act both separately and collectively, all while learning from one another and representing each respective class. The Undergraduate Council Co-Chairs for the 2013-2014 Session of the Student Assembly is Brett Prestia (’14) and Yousif Al-Amin (’16).

So what does the Undergraduate Council do? Working together with the Executive and Senate, the UGC represents the student body and advocates on its behalf. But also, we want to make sure that students are having a good time [...because, frankly, we are all a bunch of college kids]. This is manifested through coordinated campus-wide events such as Homecoming, Warm Wednesdays King & Queens Ball, ongoing class festivities and initiatives, and other various events.

The mission of the Undergraduate Council is also its vision: we can imagine the campus coming together, and we want you to see it too.

Meet the Class Officers

Class of 2014

  • Grace Martini
    Grace MartiniClass of 2014 PresidentSenate Committee Assignments: Finance and Student Life Committees I am a rising senior from Cary, North Carolina. I am a Finance and Environmental Science & Policy double major at the College. I could not be more excited (and sad) for my final year at William & Mary and am looking forward to contributing to SA any way that I can!
  • Philip Lavely
    Philip LavelyClass of 2014 VP of AdvocacyAbout Me
  • Matt Ernesto
    Matt ErnestoClass of 2014 VP of Social AffairsAbout Me
  • Gabrielle Ivey
    Gabrielle IveyClass of 2014 SecretaryAbout Me
  • Brett Prestia
    Brett PrestiaClass of 2014 Treasurer (Chair of Undergraduate Council)A man of few words

Class of 2015

  • Brianna Buch
    Brianna BuchClass of 2015 PresidentSenate Committee Assignments: Finance and Outreach Committees When I graduated from high school, my mom and I took a trip to the Grand Canyon. Our crowning achievement was climbing all the way to the bottom of the canyon – a place affectionately known as ‘Skeleton Point’ - and then back out in one day.
  • Carlton Smith
    Carlton SmithClass of 2015 VP of AdvocacyI currently live in Richmond, VA. I love to sing and I love William and Mary.
  • Jimmy Carey
    Jimmy CareyClass of 2015 VP of Social AffairsAbout Me
  • Daniel Arsura
    Daniel ArsuraClass of 2015 SecretaryAbout Me
  • Tyler Dunphy
    Tyler DunphyClass of 2015 TreasurerAbout Me

Class of 2016

  • Daniel Rice
    Daniel RiceClass of 2016 PresidentSenate Committee Assignments: Policy and Public Affairs Committees I am an aspiring Neuroscience major from the hometown of Winchester, Virginia, although I am such a believer in the reality of "One Tribe, One Family" that I consider William & Mary to be at least as much of a home. Among my favorite things in life are music, laughter, and the great outdoors, but the most defining aspect of who I am is undoubtedly my passion for people. I sincerely hope to make a positive impact on our community through my service in Student Assembly this year!
  • Ace Goldstein
    Ace GoldsteinClass of 2016 VP of AdvocacyAbout Me
  • Yousif Al-Amin
    Yousif Al-AminClass of 2016 VP of Social Affairs (Co-Chair of Undergraduate Council)Aside from serving on the Student Assembly, I am active in a variety of extracurricular activities, ranging from Greek life to giving tours through Tribe Guides to playing on the Club Volleyball team. I have so much pride in being a member of the Tribe and want you to have great experiences like I've had here at the College. I've chosen to be active in the Student Assembly because I want to serve as a resource for members of our community, so please don't hesitate to email me with any questions or talk to me anywhere around campus!
  • Quetzabel Benavides
    Quetzabel BenavidesClass of 2016 SecretaryAbout Me
  • Raymond Schein
    Raymond ScheinClass of 2016 TreasurerAbout Me

Class of 2017

  • Phoebe Galt
    Phoebe GaltClass of 2017 PresidentSenate Committee Assignments: Student Life and Outreach Committees Hey there! My name is Phoebe and I am a proud member of the Class of 2017. I was born in Colorado but grew up in Taiwan, China, India, Virginia, and Belgium. I speak three languages other than English - Arabic, French, and Chinese. On campus I play saxophone in the Wind Ensemble, I dance in Salsa Club, and I play on the Women's Club Frisbee Team. I am also incredibly honored to serve as our Class President. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have!
  • John Yoest
    John YoestClass of 2017 VP of AdvocacyAbout Me
  • Eboni Brown
    Eboni BrownClass of 2017 VP of Social AffairsAbout Me
  • Emily Heath
    Emily HeathClass of 2017 SecretaryAbout Me
  • Giorgio Caterini
    Giorgio CateriniClass of 2017 TreasurerAbout Me
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