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The amount in the Student Activities Reserve is:


[spoiler effect="slide" show="What is this fund? "]The Student Activities Reserve is created through rollover funds from previous years. The fund should be used for emergency funding, long-term initiatives, and large special projects that benefit the campus as a whole. More particular funding requests should be addressed to the “Events and Activities Fund”. Appropriations from this reserve must be made through a Senate Bill. If you would like to solicit support from SA members, please refer to the “Access this fund” link below.[/spoiler]
[spoiler effect="slide" show="Access this fund: "][gravityform id=13 name=StudentActivities Reserve Request][/spoiler]


The amount in the Activities and Events Fund is:


[spoiler effect="slide" show="What is this fund? "]The Activities and Events Fund is for more particular funding requests from organizations. It may include new events or events that an organization does not do every year so they were not given funds in the budget process. To request funds from this event you must turn in the application to the Office of Student Activities. Please apply for funding no later than two weeks before the date of the event.[/spoiler]
[spoiler effect="slide" show="Access this fund: "]Activities and Events Request Form[/spoiler]



The amount in the Off-Campus Fund is:




For any questions contact Joe Soultanis, jpsoultanis@email.wm.edu

 Last Updated December 2013



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