SA Elections 2014-2015 Countdown

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Meet Your SA President and Vice President Candidates

Watch the SA Presidential Debate:  Monday, March 17 – 5pm – Commonwealth

Carlton Smith and Chris Johnson

To learn more about their platform, click here.

Carlton and Chris’: FB, Twitter

Colin Danly and Kendall Lorenzen

To learn more about their platform, click here.

Colin and Kendall’s: FB, Youtube

Trevor Parkes and Liz Hernandez

To learn more about their platform, click here.

Trevor and Liz’s: FB, Youtube

Full List of Candidates for SA Spring 2014 Elections can be found here.

Your Feedback is Important!

The Student Life department of the Student Assembly is dedicated to improving the quality of life at William & Mary through developing an environment that fosters happiness, friendship, and sense of home. Our aim is to enhance student engagement and provide a positive outlet for the daily stresses of classes, planning and executing events, programming, and services that appeal to the entire campus body. Our department is divided into events, student services, community engagement, Greek life, and sustainability.

To better programming and services, take the questionnaire regarding the SA’s Student Life here!

Student Assembly’s Diversity Department is collaborating with Interfaith Youth Core to conduct a survey seeking feedback regarding the religious and spiritual climate of the College. If you are among the randomly selected 3500 undergraduates (check your emails!), please be sure to complete this as your responses will help us create more relevant and engaging programming for students and faculty, and provide us with a better understanding of our students’ needs.
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