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It’s your City, too — get involved and share your thoughts!



Come share your opinion during the open forum about the City’s drafted Goals, Initiatives and Outcomes during the City Council Work Session – Monday, November 1, 2010 7pm in the Stryker Building.

Not a public speaker? Post your comments online on the open forum at

City/College (Town/Gown) Relations

  • Support the work of the Neighborhood Relations Committee which brings together representatives of the College, City, students, landlords, and neighborhood residents to strengthen and sustain improved community relations.
  • Join the International Town & Gown Association (ITGA) with the College of William and Mary to guide and encourage new town/gown initiatives.
  • Continue the work of the new Neighborhood Relations Committee to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods surrounding William and Mary by building and maintaining effective working relationships between the city, college, students, neighbors and landlords.

Economic Vitality & the Williamsburg Arts District

  • Develop a vision plan for the area around Williamsburg and Monticello shopping centers, addressing future retail and residential development. This should be part of the 2012 Williamsburg Comprehensive Plan update, and coordinated with the arts district concept.
  • Move to the implementation phase of the arts district report, and coordinate this with the 2012 Williamsburg Comprehensive Plan Update and with the plans for the Vision of the Monticello Avenue/Richmond Road Area. Implementation will include adoption of an arts district ordinance that offers incentives and programs, identification of a viable cornerstone project in the district, and the development and launching of a marketing program to attract the “creative economy” to the arts district.
  • Develop a coherent vision for a vibrant downtown to include increased commercial and residential uses that will result in more downtown activity (i.e. people living, working, visiting and shopping).


  • Work with the College of William and Mary to coordinate the installation in 2011 of enhanced crosswalks at Ukrops Way using in-road-way-lighting (IRWL) system.
  • Construct five sidewalk projects in the current Capital Improvement Plan (Richmond Rd, Rte 199, S Boundary St., S. Henry St., and Nassau St.) before the end of 2011.
  • Fill in the remaining sidewalk gaps on two major streets: Ironbound Road between Middle Street and Longhill Road (old Fire Station property), and Richmond Road between Patriot Lane and Waltz Farm Drive.
  • Install bicycle racks in key locations, such as: public buildings, Prince George Parking Garage and Parking Terrace, Prince George Street.
  • Install signs, where appropriate, on City streets designated as shared use bicycle facilities.

Williamsburg City Council Goals, Initiatives, and Outcomes

How Should the City Build its Economic Vitality?

Posted Date: 10/19/2010

Released by: City of Williamsburg

For the past month, Williamsburg residents have had the opportunity to make online comments and read what other people are saying about the City’s 2011/2012 Goals, Initiatives, and Outcomes (GIOs). The City continues to request input on all the goals but has posted a second question focusing specifically on the economy.

Williamsburg’s Open Forum is an online program and part of the City’s continuing effort to provide as many avenues as possible for citizen participation and engagement during the Goals process. It allows citizens to make comments at their own convenience.  City officials will read the statements and incorporate them into their decision making process.

For those who prefer commenting in person, City Council is holding two Work Sessions in November to allow more opportunity for discussion and public comment. In addition to the regular November 8 meeting, a Work Session on November 1, 2010, at 7pm, will be devoted to a discussion of the GIOs. Residents will be able to make comments at the November 8 meeting as well, and as always, citizens are invited to send comments via regular mail or email.

Information about the 2011-2012 Goals process – including a draft, comments from the September 15 Public Workshop, and timeline – is available at

Open Forum is on the City’s website at and is also accessible from the city’s Facebook page and twitter feed, @WilliamsburgGov.

The 2011/2012 GIOs will be adopted by Council at their meeting on November 12, 2010.

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