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President’s Committee on the Honor System


Last year, President Reveley formed a committee to review the Honor System. The Honor System includes the Honor code, the Honor Council, and the Honor process.

For more information on the Honor System, click here

The committee is currently asking for campus input on the Honor Council process through a survey and small focus groups. If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or praise on/for the Honor System, please feel free to contact Zann Isacson at

Additionally, you may access the student survey from this link:

President Clemens of the Government Department chairs the committee and sent out the message below:

If you are like most students (and faculty) you get a bit weary of email surveys–but we promise that the one you are receiving here is both brief and important.

Last Fall, President Reveley charged a committee of students, faculty and administrators with reviewing all aspects of the College’s Honor system–its formal standards of academic integrity and its rules/procedures for upholding them.
Whether you have ever had direct involvement with the Honor Code or Council, your feedback would be invaluable in helping us determine what students think is most important in this regard, most in need of closer examination, and possibly in need of changing.

As promised, the survey below drawn up by the Committee’s student membership is brief but also offers open-ended questions allowing further comment, so please take a few minutes to complete and submit it.

Many thanks in advance,
Clay Clemens, Government Department
Committee Chair

Please answer the survey! The Honor System affects the entire campus community and the greater amount student input the committee receives can shape the Honor System to become more pro-student.

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