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SB 321-018 The Spooktacular Act


321st Student Assembly,

Senate Bill 321-018

A Bill

To Provide a Halloween-Themed Campus and City-Wide Event

The Spooktacular Act

An Act of the 321st Student Assembly of the College of William and Mary,

Sponsored by Daniel Ackerman (’16), Gabriel Morey (’16)

Supported by Secretary of Student Life Alyssa Zhu (’14)

[spoiler effect="slide" show="Show Bill" hide="Hide Bill"]WHEREAS, the Spooktacular Family Friendly Event has been going on for several years;

WHEREAS, Spooktacular is a great opportunity to celebrate the Fall season;

WHEREAS, Spooktacular offers fun activities for students;

Now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Student Assembly of the College of William and Mary-

1. Allocates $1,820 from the Student Activities Reserve towards the Spooktacular Family Friendly Event.
a. $ 100 for the Stage
b. $ 1,500 for Sound and Lighting
c. $ 100 set up/ cleaning labor
d. $ 70 tables
e. $ 40 chairs
f. $ 10 Water balloons
2. These funds shall be used for fun Fall activities, food and non-alcoholic beverages, and a community concert.
3. All unused funds shall be returned to the Student Activities Reserve.
4. Charges the Executive Student Life Department with carrying out this bill.

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