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SB 321-020 The Student Development Act


321st Student Assembly,

Senate Bill 321-020

A Bill

To ensure Arts & Sciences graduate students the opportunity to voice their opinion during the budgeting process

The Student Development Act

An Act of the 321st Student Assembly of the College of William and Mary,

Sponsored by Patrick Johnson (GSA), Caleb Stone (Law, J.D. ’15) Erica Penn (Law, J.D. ’14), and Will Ladnier (Law, J.D. ’15)

Supported by Secretary of Outreach Kendall Lorenzen (’15), President of GSA Nabeel Siddiqui, Vice-President of GSA Frank Fucile, Secretary of Finance Joe Soultanis (’15), GSA Student Libby Cook, and GSA student Sarah Stanford-Mcintyre

[spoiler effect="slide" show="Show Bill" hide="Hide Bill"]WHEREAS, last year there was a miscommunication between GSA (Graduate Student Association for Arts & Sciences) students and members of the Student Assembly specifically during the student activities fee allocation process;

WHEREAS, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is the only graduate school that relies entirely upon Student Activities for funding events such as the Graduate Research Symposium;

WHEREAS, giving GSA students an automatic seat on the EAC would give GSA students a better opportunity to voice their opinions;

WHEREAS, changes in the EAC appointment process are necessary to ensure that all graduate schools that contribute to the funds of the Student Assembly are offered the opportunity to have a say in the EAC process;

Now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Student Assembly of the College of William and Mary-

1. Hereby amends Section 3.3-5.2 of the Code of the Student Assembly, Executive Preparation of the Annual Budget of Student Activities Fee, to read as follows, removing stricken language and inserting bolded language:
4. The Secretary shall nominate an Executive Appropriations Committee (EAC) that will aid the Secretary in preparing the budget. The Secretary shall nominate the Committee by November 15th of the academic year. The Secretary shall chair the EAC. The remaining appointees shall be representative of the student body as a whole. The Department of Finance shall develop administrative guidelines for the appointment of the Committee. Prior to the initiation of the EAC, the Office of Student Leadership Development shall submit a written report to the EAC containing what the applying organizations spent of their budgets in the previous year, which the EAC may or may not take into account while making budgetary considerations. Such report will not include information that infers that allocations are prohibited or allowed that are not explicitly prohibited or allowed by this finance code. This section of the code is intended to ensure that student funds are controlled by students and limit the role of the Office of Student Leadership Development to that of processor of student funds. No member of the Office of Student Leadership Development or non-students may advise the EAC during the EAC’s budgetary deliberations. However, any member of the public may observe EAC deliberations and the EAC will offer ten minutes of public comment at the beginning and end of each daily session. A representative of the Office of Student Leadership Development must remain present in order to answer questions as directed by the chair of the EAC. No member of the Senate shall sit on the EAC. The composition of the EAC must comply with the following provisions:

a. The voting members of the committee shall be one member from each undergraduate class, four graduate students—one Law, one Arts & Sciences, one Business, and one Education—and two undergraduate at-large members, totaling eleven voting members including the Secretary.
b. Notwithstanding the provisions in Section 3.3-5.2(4)(e), the EAC must always have seven undergraduate students and four graduate students.
c. If the Secretary is a member of a graduate school, then the Secretary acts as that graduate school’s sole representative on the EAC, and an additional undergraduate voting member must be appointed. If the Secretary is a member of more than one graduate school, the Secretary must choose which graduate school he or she is representing.
d. If no one from a particular graduate school applies before the publicized EAC application deadline, that graduate school’s guaranteed position on the EAC is forfeited, and a representative from any of the other graduate schools may be appointed to the EAC as an at-large member.
e. If it is impossible to meet the requirements of Section 3.3-5.2(4)(b) because the Secretary has not received enough qualified applicants from graduate schools by the publicized EAC application deadline, the Secretary shall appoint the maximum amount of qualified graduate representatives possible from the pool of applicants, and the amount of undergraduate representatives at-large must be reduced by one for every unfilled graduate position on the EAC. If the Secretary is a representative of a graduate school, no reduction to the number of undergraduate representatives on the EAC shall be made.
f. The Secretary has the discretion to choose which graduate school an EAC appointee represents, if the EAC appointee in question is a member of more than one graduate school. In all cases, the Secretary must make every reasonable effort to comply with the requirements of Section 3.3-5.2(4)(a)-(b).

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