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SB 321-022 The Soccer Transportation Act


321st Student Assembly,

Senate Bill 321-022

A Bill

To provide funding for vans and drivers to transport students during the home soccer game against James Madison

The Soccer Transportation Act

An Act of the 321st Student Assembly of the College of William and Mary,

Sponsored by Seth Opoku-Yeboah (’16)

Supported by Class of 2014 President Grace Martini (’14)

[spoiler effect="slide" show="Show Bill" hide="Hide Bill"]WHEREAS, Martin Family Stadium Albert Daly Field and athletics department is looking to make it easier for students without cars to attend soccer games;

WHEREAS, the James Madison match is both televised and the last home game of the season and provides an opportunity to showcase the team to the school;

WHEREAS, bus transportation for students to and from the game is needed to make this possible.

Now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the Student Assembly of the College of William and Mary-

1. Allocates $100 from the Student Activities Reserve towards two vans and a mini van during the November 6th home soccer game at $27.50 a van per hour plus gas.

2. With that being said:
a) The two vans and mini vans are being provided free of charge by the Office of Student Activities
b) The $100 being allocated will go towards covering gas expenses and paying for drivers if we are unable to find van certified drivers in Student Assembly
c) All money not spent will go back to the same account

3. Advertise the bus transportation, including the game on Wednesday November 6th.

4. Charges the sponsor of this bill and the Executive Student Life Department with carrying out this bill.

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