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The Review Board is the judicial branch of the Student Assembly.  It performs several essential duties for the SA:

Resolves disputes in SA Elections. Any decision of the Elections Commission can be appealed to the Review Board; most of the cases that are heard by the Board are disputes on appeal from the Elections Commission.

Resolves disputes over the SA Constitution and Code. Several Review Board decisions have determined interpretations of the SA Constitution to the Senate and Executive.

Providing advice about the rules and regulations of the SA to the Senate Chairman and SA President through advisory opinions.


When handling more complex issues, the Review Board conducts hearings to ensure that all arguments receive due consideration.  Hearings held by the Review Board are open to the public.



The Review Board is for Student Assembly issues only; it does not concern itself with general student conduct matters. For those issues, you should consult either the Student Conduct Council or the Honor Council.



If you would like further information, or if you want the Review Board to look into a matter for you, email us at

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