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The Budget Process:

Every year the SA allocates over $700,000 to campus organizations for the upcoming school year. If you are the President or Treasurer of your organization, be on the look out for emails about how to apply for funding for next year. Once you receive your organization’s budget, make sure that you are spending the allocated money in the proper way so that we see less money being rolled into the Student Activities Reserves year after year.

Activities & Events Funding:

Need money for your organization? The SA has over $30,000 in Activities & Events funding available for your organization. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, e-mail Paul Lendway at at least 10 days prior to your event!

Student Activities Reserves:

The Student Activities Reserves (formally known as the Consolidated Reserve) consists of the unused money allocated during the budget process. When the SA Senate would like to sponsor a new initiative on campus (such as the Charter Day Concert or Free Flu Shots), the money typically comes out of this account. Money from the reserves can only be taken out through a Senate Bill.

The Student Assembly Off-Campus:

The Student Assembly Off Campus Account consists of fundraiser money collected by the SA over the years (this includes carpet sales, refrigerator sales, King & Queens Ball, etc.). This money can be used by the SA President for SA related events, SA office supplies/printing fees, and for initiatives sponsored by the SA Executive.
The balance for the Account will be updated on this website at the beginning of every month.

As of 10/06/10, the balance in the primary account stands at: $9,261.66

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