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The Activities and Events Funding is designed to provide funding to student organizations that want to execute an activity or event that is outside their annual budget request. Typically, this consists of new, unforeseen events, and can be applied for anytime throughout the year. Only registered student organizations and clubs are eligible to apply for Activities and Events funding.

General Guidelines:

  • Requests should be made on the Activity & Event Funding Request Form. Along with this form you will be required to complete the Activity/Event Itemized Budget Form. These will be used to review your request and coordinate funding from all available student fee funds.
  • Please submit only one funding request for each activity/event.
  • If more than one organization is co-sponsoring an activity/event they should prepare the budget sheet together and submit one total request.
  • If possible, the coordinator of the event should deliver the request in person tot he Student Activities Accountant . At that time questions regarding the request can be addressed to avoid possible delay in a funding decision.
  • Requests should be submitted well in advance. Allow a minimum of two weeks for funding decisions. Pre-planning is necessary to avoid delays in arrangements and payments.
  • Arrangements for purchases or services should not be made prior to receiving funding approval. Arrangements made prior to funding approval date will not be covered.
  • Upon receiving notification of funding you will be instructed as to the spending procedures and provided with the necessary forms for processing payments and reimbursements of expenses.
  • All invoices and receipts for approved expenses must be submitted for processing and cleared through the College accounting office within 30 days following the event. Funding will not be guaranteed after the 30 day period.

Approved Expenses and Revenue:

  • Money may be used to defray the cost of: Travel, Lodging, Food, Contracted Fees (speakers, performers)
  • NOTE: Gifts and honorariums will not be paid. Special Event Funding may never be used for this purpose.
  • If your organization will be charging admission to this event you will be required to comply with the revenue generating policy established by the Student Activities Finance Committee.
  • When an organization receives funding for a revenue generating activity, the organization must return to the General Consolidated Activity Fund all income above and beyond the amount necessary to pay all expenses from the activity up to the amount of student fee funding received. This does not include activities of the governing bodies.
  • You will need to keep a detailed record of all expenses and income sources for your event and submit this information on an Activity & Event Expenses/Revenue Report within 14 days following your event.

Submit your completed Activities and Events Funding form to Anita Forrest at Campus Center 208. For additional questions and concerns about this funding, please email Anita at or Secretary of Finance, Joe Soultanis, at

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